Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 4 with Nutella

Nutella Pizza!  Whoever thought that you can make a delicious pizza with Nutella....genius!  I looked up a few recipes for Nutella pizza and they seemed a bit complex.....if I have to make dough rise, forget it.  That's what the Pilsbury Dough Boy does!  So once again I had to come up with my abbreviated version of the Nutella pizza.  First step, go to your local store and buy Pilsbury pizza crust. Perfecto!

Nutella Pizza recipe ( super easy )

Pilsbury Pizza Crust - lay out on a pizza pan
Bake the crust according to the directions until it is golden brown
Let cool
Spread a liberal amount of Nutella on the crust
You can sprinkle toasted hazelnuts on the pizza, but my crew prefers "no nuts."
Cut it into sections and munch!

It's truly delicious....enjoy the decadence of this easy dessert.

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