Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 5 with Nutella

Busy day!  Much running very little time to think about my dreamy Nutella!  Oh how I love your creamy goodness.  I have to tell you that spending this much time with Nutella is making me love the stuff even more.  Today I made some sugar cookies with, you guessed it, Pillsbury refridgerator cookie dough.....yes I know it would be better to make the sugar cookies from scratch, but who has time!  Okay so anyway, make the cookies according to the directions and then after they cool spread Nutella on one of the cookies ( liberally of course) and then make a sandwich out of it with the other cookie.  I must say that this tasted DEVINE!  UBER delicious.  Take a look at the finished product on the left....happy kids!

Stay tuned for tomorrow is a Nutella facial!

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