Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 8 with Nutella

Day 8 and it's going great!  I found a few more sites that have awesome recipes, so hopefully, I won't run out of ways to use Nutella. 

Do you remember the old commercial where a person is walking along and they are holding a chocolate bar and then another person is holding a jar of pbut butter...and they bump into each other?  I loved that ad when I was a kid and I love Choc & Pnut butter together.  So that is my inspiration for today!  I made some pnut butter cookies and spread Nutella ( liberally, of there any other way?) on one and used another cookie to make a sandwich.  I need a name for this creation...I welcome your suggestions.....anyone out there?  Here is a tempting picture for you to drool over...they are worth every calorie! Yum

BTW - Nutella has a sweepstakes to give away a case of Nutella...all you have to do is go on the site and fill out a bit of info.  Easy Peasy.  Check it out.

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